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BikeCliff (a.k.a. BassCliff) owns a 1980 Suzuki GS850GT. This is a collection of maintenance pictorials that he is creating and collecting as he learns how to wrench on this vintage Universal Japanese Motorcycle.

Please note that on the files below, especially the larger files, you may need to right-click and "Save As..." in order to download them.

Download a Suzuki GS850G Shop Manual (155MB)----Download a 1980 GS850G Wiring Diagram (color)

Owner's Manuals

GS300LZ ('82) Owners Manual (17MB)
GS450GA Owners Manual (2MB)

GS650G ('82) Owners Manual (8MB)
GS700 Owners Manual (3MB)

GS750E '78 Owners Manual (2MB)
GS750EX '82 Owners Manual (3.6MB)
GS750T Owners Manual (2MB)
GS850G '82 Owners Manual (2.8MB)
GS1000G '80 Owners Manual (5.5MB)
GS1000E '79 Owners Manual (17MB)
GS1000G Parts Manual '80-'81 (4.5MB)
GS1100E Owners Manual (4MB)
GS1100GK Owners Manual (3MB)
GS1100GL Owners Manual (10MB)
VX800 Owner's Manual (8MB)
GS Parts Catalog (International models-231MB zip file)

Service Manuals

GS250T-GS300L '82 Service Manual (91MB)
GSX400 Service Manual (5.2MB)

GS400-450 '77-'87 (80MB)
GS550E/ES/L Servivce Manual '83 (149MB)

GS550 ('77-'82) Service Manual (72MB)
GS650G Service Manual (133MB)
GS650E Service Manual (174MB)
GS700 Service Manual Supplement (5MB)
GS750 (8-valve) Service Manual (87MB)
GS750E-ES '83 (16-valve) Service Manual (145MB)
GS750 (16-valve; LT, LX, EX) Service Manual (17MB)
GS1000C/E/S/L Service Manual (67MB)
GS1000E/S/L/G Service Manual (28MB)

GS1000T (1980) Service Manual Supplement (110MB)
GS1000S Service Manual Supplement (18MB)
GS1100 '80-'83 T,LT,EX,SZ,EZ,SD,ED,ESD (37MB)
GS1100G/GL/GK Service Manual (86MB)
GS1100G/GL/GK/GD/GLD/GKD/GKE Service Manual (40MB)
VX800 Service Manual (27MB)
Mikuni BS32SS Carb Manual
Mikuni VM/Smooth Bore Manual

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Wiring Diagrams

GS1100GKZ '82 Wiring Diagram (Color)
Disclaimer: Please note that the pictorial guides, procedures, and other information on this website are NOT meant to replace Clymer, Haynes, Suzuki or any other documentation manuals. The only purpose of these guides is to familiarize the new motorcycle mechanic with these procedures. The owner of this website and its contributors shall not be held responsible for the use or misuse of this information. You are strongly encouraged to reference the repair/maintenance manual specific to your motorcycle.

Also, please note that some pictorial guides, references and resources are courtesy of other GS Resources members. My thanks to
Mr. bwringer, Mr. Suzuki_Don, Mr. posplayr, Mr. Roostabunny, Mr. Jethro, Mr. Matchless, Mr. MelodicMetalGod, Mr. oldryder, Mr. basic, Mr. catbed, Mr. 49er, Mr. tkent02, Mr. psyguy, Mr. duaneage, Mr. first timer, Mr. Yasser, Mr. Roadrash, Mr. DPage, Mr. SNott, Mr. bonanzadave, Mr. Nessism, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Planecrazy, Mr. gravity tester, Mr. TheBigRed, Mr. Joe Nardy, Mr. Redman, Mr. 81ZUKI75, Mr. gertduprez, Mr. Theo, Mr. detorn, Mr. trintek, Mr. Poulsen, Mr. Derrett, Mr. Flaming Chainsaws, Mr. GS Jim, Mr. mriddle, Mr. twr1776, Mr. Hoomgar, Mr. uudfourty, Mr. apopleptic, Mt. tbelvin, Mr. shirazdrum, Mr. Roadkill2, and Mr. Steve (Send Steve an email requesting his excellent valve adjustment spreadsheet).

Basic Info-Vendors-Links

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How To Search The GSR Forum

Oil and Filter Change

Stripped Oil Drain Plug Repair

Secondary Gear Oil Change

Final Drive Unit Oil Change

Air Intake Repair:  
Airbox removal, intake boots and O-ring replacement

Bleeding the Brakes

Front Brake Pad Replacement

Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Install Progressive Fork Springs

Fork Seal Replacement  

Valve Adjustments (8 Valve)
Zip Tie Supplement (by Mr. Matchless)

Synchronize Carburetors 
(With the Morgan Carbtune)

Fusebox Cleanup

Stator Test

Stator Replacement

Regulator/Rectifier Replacement

Turn Signal Relay Replacement

Spark Plug Cap Replacement

Simple Coil Repair

Carb Specs/Cleaning:
Float Height/Jetting/Tuning

Carb Notes:

Where Do These Hoses Go?

Front Wheel/Caliper Removal

Rear Wheel Removal

Tire Info/Changing Tires

Seat Cover Replacement

Tank Cleaning: with electrolysis

Tank Cleaning: with Evapo-Rust

Gasket Templates-GS850G

Jessie Blue at Horse Canyon Saddle, Glendora Mountain Road

**Odds and Ends/More Info and Tips**

     *Clutch Section*

     *Electrical Section*

     *Engine Section*

     *Brakes Section*

Jessie in the desert near Death Valley

Additional Maintenance Guides and Info:

Mr. bwringer's fine tutorials - carb sync, cam chain tensioner rebuild, intake O-ring replacment, tach cable seal replacment, etc.
Mr. Matchless' "How To" Guides - carb info, wheel alignment, igniter repair, lighting/electrical upgrades, parts fabrication, etc.
Mr. robertbarr's carb O-rings - O-rings for your carb rebuild, hex head fasteners, etc.
Richard's Restoration Blog
Mr. robertob's blog
(GS1000 restoration)
Mr. tfb's website
(Katana restoration)

Other Contributors:

Mikuni BS(CV) Carburetor Rebuild Tutorial
(Mr. Nessism)

CV Carburetor Rebuild Guide
(Courtesy of GSR and John Bloemer)
(Click here to see the CV Carb Notes)

VM Carburetor Rebuild Guide
(Courtesy of GSR and Paul Musser)
GS450 Carb Rebuild Guide
(Mr. Flaming Chainsaws)
Remove Stuck Pilot Screws
(by Mr. Hoomgar)

Wheel Bearing Removal/Replacement
(by Mr. Suzuki_Don)
Coil Relay Modification
(by Mr. oldryder and Mr. Matchless)
Fuse Box Upgrade
(by Mr. uudfourty)
Install Dyna-S Ignition
(by Mr. Poulsen)
Dyna-S Coil Relay Mod
(by Mr. posplayr)
Adjustment for 16 Valve Motors
(by Mr. basic)
Valve Replacement
(by Mr. Steve)
Valve Lapping
(by Mr. cowboyup3371)
Airbox Sealing
(by Mr. Roostabunny)
(CLICK HERE to download as PDF)
Fuel Gauge Send Unit Repair
(by Mr. Jethro)
Gasket Fabrication
(by Mr. Suzuki_Don)

  Plug Chop and
Idle Mixture Adjust Methods
(by Mr. koolaid_kid,Mr. tkent02, Mr. psyguy)
Sidecover Fabrication
(by Mr. Matchless)
Luggage Carrier Fabrication
(by Mr. Matchless)
Fork Seal Replacement
(by Mr. Matchless)
Petcock Rebuild
(by Mr. Matchless)

Camshaft Endfloat Mod
(by Mr. 49er)
Bevel Gear Shaft Repair
(by Mr. Zooks)
Tire Change "How To"
(By Mr. catbed)

Oil Cooler Adapter Tutorial
(by Mr. Nessism)
Front Brake Switch Repair
(by Mr. gravity tester)
Brake Caliper Overhaul
(by Mr. Stefnwolf)

Brake Caliper Rebuild-Early Models
(by Mr. GS Jim)
Replacing Exhaust Connectors
(by Mr. Redman)
More Seat Repair Tips
(by Mr. bwringer)
Horn Relay Install
(by Mr. gertduprez)

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They are helping me to become a better motorcycle mechanic and a better motorcycle rider.
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