Clutch Odd and Ends

These are clutch-related odds and ends (posts from the GSR forum) that I wanted to keep for future reference.

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GS550 Clutch Adjustment 
Originally posted by Mr. Nessism

It is not possible to adjust the progressiveness of the clutch's engagement - only the place where engagement occurs.

550 clutch adjusts a little differently than the large bikes.

The 550 clutch has three different adjustment points: at the hand lever, at the bottom of the cable where it enters the sprocket cover, and at the actuation helix built into the sprocket cover (under that small cover held on with two screws).

I suggest you fully loosen both the hand lever adjuster and the adjuster at the bottom of the sprocket cover. Use the helix to perform the main adjustment.

Loosen the lock nut on the helix adjuster and turn the flat head screw until you get the feel at the lever you are looking for - cable tightness determines where the clutch engages. Snug down the lock nut afterwards. You might want to leave the cable just a smig loose, and take up the slack with the hand lever adjuster. Very simple adjustment.

Replacing The Clutch Cable in a GS550 - A pictorial guide by Mr. elwaxoro, PDF file (360KB).

Quick Temporary Clutch Rattle Repair
- A pictorial guide by Mr. tkent02, PDF file (2MB)

Clutch Repair Tips
From Mr. bonanzadave's posting on the GSR Forum.  Click here to see the original thread.

I decided to change my clutch springs [on my '82 GS1100EZ] due to some slippage. With the clutch cover off its not hard to inspect the plates and fibers. I have been running (12k miles) a Barnett Clutch with stock springs. I discovered a couple fibers were spun down to bare metal and splines in the clutch basket were checked. So I got new FBG (Fast by Gast) plates and fibers, filed out the checked basket splines and put it back together.

This work area is way too clean!

The Basket with the check marks filed off the splines.

Smooth the splines a bit with a file or dremel.

Soaking the fiber plates in oil.

Fibers, also known as "friction plates" or "driven plates".

The Barnett fiber that went bye-bye. Were my springs not strong enough?

Worn fibers.

Sliding the basket back on the needle bearing.

Installing the clutch basket.

[Placing] the two innermost rings.

Two innermost rings.

Cranking down the hub nut. APE nut recommended ($25). I used the stock nut.

Torque the nut, bend the washer.

Installing the springs. I used 6 new springs from Bikebandit. [Suzuki Part# 09440-19027]

Installing new clutch springs.

Putting the cover back on with a new gasket. I tried to clean the sight glass.

Cleaning the site glass while the cover is off.

Replacing the hex bolts on the clutch cover.

Hex head bolts are nice.

[The exploded clutch parts fiche for GS850G.]

Parts fiche from

Stay tuned for more odds and ends.

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