General Suzuki Specifications/Parts Cross-Reference    
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This chart lists the battery, plugs, tire, chain and sprocket sizes for many Suzuki models.

Color Code Cross Reference:
CLICK HERE for a chart to cross-reference the Suzuki color codes with Color-Rite color codes.

Sprocket and Chain Optimizer: Calculate your chain length

Click below to download a listing of fork tube diameters for all major UJMs (circa ~1972-2004):
Fork Tube Diameters (PDF - 60K)

CLICK HERE for a list of Axle Diameters for many major UJMs (up to about 1998).

CLICK HERE for a list of Steering Stem Bearing sizes for many major UJMs (up to about 2002).

Parts Cross-Reference Software - For Suzuki and other motorcycles (a commercial product, about $25)

Alternate (Free) Parts Cross-Reference Procedure - using a couple of our favorite online resources.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF guide for the Alpha-Sports site cross-reference.
(Note: If
the newer part numbers return no results, use the older, superseded numbers.)

1. Start here:

2. Find your bike by year and model. Select the part you wish to reference.

3. Identify the part number, right-click and copy the part number.

4. Then use Babbit's cross-reference utility here:

5. Under the "Parts Search" heading, make sure the "Select:" pull-down menu says "Suzuki".

6. Under the "Parts Search by Model" heading, make sure the pull-down menu says "Suzuki".

6. Right-click and paste the part number copied from Alpha-Sports into the box labeled "Part:".

7. Click "Quick Lookup".

8. In the results box click the "Select Model" link.

You are then presented with a pop-up box with every model that the referenced part will fit.

Note: Alpha-Sports also has a parts cross-reference in the pull-down menu under "Special Tools", click "Parts Finder: All".

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